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Low Cost/ Low Energy Gift Ideas for Others

There is no getting away from it – Christmas is getting closer! Seeing as it is the season for giving I thought it would be a good idea to talk about gifts you could give to your loved ones. I for one absolutely love the festive period, but living with chronic illnesses I find a) I don’t have the funds to buy elaborate presents for others and b) I don’t have the energy for boundless shopping (even if it is online).

With this in mind I have tried putting together five gift ideas which are low cost, easy to source and don’t require too much effort. Hopefully these inspire you to put together your own gifts, so enjoy getting creative!

Gift Idea 1 – Themed Jar

This idea is pretty simple all you need is a mason jar of any size with an idea of what the recipient likes and fill it. This could be in the form of beauty products, art accessories, socks, a specific hobby etc. Last year I actually used a bucket rather than a jar and filled it with car accessories as my relative had got a new car. For the purpose of this post I have chosen a baking jar.

My baking jar contains:

  • Reindeer and Christmas Tree cookie cutter
  • Pack of sweets
  • A glass bottle containing Golden Hundreds and Thousands
  • A glass bottle containing Silver Edible decorations
  • Red and green decorating icing
  • Wafer daisies
  • Spotty fairy cake cases

To decorate the jar I used crafts I had at home including a reindeer ribbon and a wooden tag with a Christmas tree print.

Gift Idea 2 – A Christmas Decoration/A Snow Globe

This was probably my most favourite item to make because it is very straight forward yet looks very pretty and gives that personal touch. Once again you need a humble mason jar, some simple decorations (which you could take from your own tree) and some fake snow.

If you want to make this as a simple decoration like mine all you need to do is add all your bits inside the jar, but if you would like to make it as a snow globe glue your decorations to the lid so when you shake everything stays in place.

My Christmas scene includes:

  • Faux snow
  • Snowman decoration
  • Post box decoration
  • Berry decoration (held in snowman’s hand)
  • Cone with wire
  • Blue sparkly ribbon

Gift Idea 3 – Little Box of Love

This idea is very similar to the jar ideas, but on a smaller scale. Again you can pick any theme you would like or choose lots of random items. I chose to make a stationary box which I decorated myself with my own crafts and filled with tiny stationary items.

My Little Stationary Box includes:

  • A wooden box (already made) – which I decorated with paint, and stocking, skates and snowflake sticker embellishments.
  • Pen
  • Stapler
  • Staples
  • Rubber
  • Gel pens
  • Key ring (not very stationary I know!)

Gift Idea 4 – Chocolate Bags Best Low Energy Option

If crafting is not your thing or is too energy consuming then an easier option would be choosing someone’s favourite chocolates or sweets and presenting them in a cute Christmas bag. Who doesn’t like delicious treats at this time of year?

My Chocolate Bag includes:

  • Cellophane Santa bag
  • CHOCOLATE – Remember by doing this yourself you can cater to allergens and vegan options if needed.

Gift Idea 5 – Memo Memories Best Low Cost Option

This option is for anyone who is finding money a real difficulty this year (or any year) – I feel you and trust me I am using this myself. This is actually probably the most thoughtful gift of the lot which will mean so much because it focuses on memories. You can use any medium you like whether that be a box, a jar, a container or even an empty cereal box – anything you can find in the house.

Got it? Great now all you need is paper and pens – again in whatever form you have them. Craft paper, wrapping paper, plain paper, card whatever you have. As long as you have enough to make say 10 (maybe more) squares which you can add writing to. Once you have made your squares all you need is your imagination.

On each square write a memory, a film, a song lyric, a photo anything that is personal between you and the person you are making it for. Once you finished them, fold them up and drop them in your container with a little message to the recipient to take one out when you see fit. Maybe one every day for the 12 days of Christmas, or when they are feeling sad, or when they want to think of you. The point being it should be a great way to remind them of why you love them and the happy times you have shared together – what could be better than that?

So there you have it my five ideas for low cost (hopefully low energy) gifts for others. Remember it is the thought that counts and there is no rush with how long it takes you to put things together. Remember there are always gift vouchers!

12 thoughts on “Low Cost/ Low Energy Gift Ideas for Others

  1. Love these ideas for my grandkids. I was looking for low cost stocking filler ideas and this has given me lots of ideas and the container will help fill their giant stockings!. I’ll just use plastic containers as they are quite young. Thanks


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