About Me

Hi Everyone! My name is Sarah and I live with multiple chronic illnesses. I have been battling chronic illness in the shape of Tourette Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, M.E/CFS and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome for many years, with the addition of UCTD in the last 18 months. In addition to my physical conditions I have also juggled issues with my mental health in the form of Anxiety and OCD. I started my blog because I wanted to turn my journey into something positive.

My fibro/ME is always a great ice breaker as I gained my condition a couple of years after a head injury in which I slept walked and jumped out of my bedroom window. Needless to say this is not something I would recommend! A broken pelvis in two places, fractured ribs and a fracture to my chest, not forgetting of course the concussion I developed for several weeks after would confirm this was not ideal. My Tourette’s diagnosis was not as riveting I am afraid as I have had that for as long as I can remember. Kinetic Tourette’s by the way – I tic in my movements and not verbally, so for those thinking I am swearing while typing this, a) sorry to disappoint you but I am not and b) you really have a lot to learn where Tourette’s is concerned.

Purpose of this blog

I decided to write a blog about my experiences with multiple long term conditions as most information I have found directed at my specific chronic illnesses tend to targeted towards a different age group than myself. I was 27/28 when i was diagnosed with fibro/ME when life was just being, when it was supposed to be the best days of my life. I am now 32 and am only just getting my head around things.

I have decided to write this blog to share my experiences of living with chronic conditions when you are only just starting out career wise, still living at home and have a thousand and one things you want to do, but a nightmare of a condition holding you back.

What have I learnt? People come and people go but they are one of the only constants in my life and yet I still battle to accept them for who they are. From sharing advice and tips to giving examples of my own personal episodes, I want to open up about my experiences and for people to follow my journey with the elephant in the room, the monster under the bed, a part of me: Chronic Illness.