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Top 5 Christmas Activities for Chronic Illness Warriors

Seeing as people seemed to enjoy my post back in the summer about the top 5 summer activities for chronic illness warriors, I have decided to do a Christmas version.

Christmas is traditionally seen as a time of year which is full of fun with never ending events and things to do. However when you are chronically ill some of these activities may not be appropriate inline with your body’s needs and your energy levels.

As we all know this year is going to be a very different year anyway, but I would like to share with you my top activities at Christmas when you have chronic illnesses.

1 – Feast on festive treats

One of the best things to do at Christmas time is snuggle up on the sofa with a big Christmas sweater and enjoy a nice mug of hot chocolate (marshmallows and cream are hard to resist!). Perfect for a chronic illness warrior because you are not only getting a festive treat, but you can relax on the sofa whilst doing so and stay true to your normal attire of baggy clothes for comfort just with a funky festive flare. Obviously this is allergy and diet dependent, so you may need to make adjustments where needed, but this time of year there are many Xmas foods you can divulge in.

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2 – Watch Xmas films and/or tv

Watching films and/or television is a great chronic illness activity as it allows you to chill out and relax on the sofa or in bed without much physical activity. Christmas films and shows are a great form of escapism which in turn can give you a focus on something other than feeling unwell. Remember you can adapt this activity to your individual needs by choosing the length of film/programme you watch and deciding if this is an activity you would like to do alone or with others. For ideas on the best Christmas films to watch you can check out my blog post on my top Christmas film picks here.

3 – Sale shopping

I did debate a bit about whether to add this to the list because I am aware shopping (physical or online) can be very energy draining especially on a time line. I for one find shopping an activity which can wipe me out for days on end even if it is done through my computer. However if like me you find being chronically ill greatly effects your finances then finding bargains in the sale can be a lifeline on items you desperately need, but cannot normally afford. If doing this yourself is too difficult maybe you could put a list together of things you particularly need and ask someone else to do the investigating for you!

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4 – Give back to charity

When you live with chronic illness a lot of your time can be taken up with having to think about your own needs (and how most of the time you are not listening to them), but Christmas is that time of year when you can be thankful for what you do have. Giving to charity is a wonderful way to allow yourself to take a moment and reflect on other people who are in the same boat as you (or worse) and make donations to the charities who are a lifeline to people in their moment of need. Remember it is not about the amount, but the thought and your donations do not have to be financial, they can be time or task related instead.

5 – Look to next year

As I have already mentioned Christmas is always a reflective time of year. The time of year to think about the year just gone and the new year ahead. Living with chronic illnesses this is maybe more poignant than it is to most others. Going into a new year unfortunately is not going to cure us or in most cases make us any better, yet that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have hope and goals for the future. I was always somebody who would make new years resolutions and beat myself up for not being able to achieve them when really they were always going to be unachievable with my conditions. Instead of making new years resolutions why not highlight your achievements for the year and remind yourself of how amazing you are, and how you can take these skills with you into the new year.

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So here you have it – my top Christmas activities for chronic illness warriors. Hopefully you find these suggestions helpful, but remember there is no right or wrong. Your Christmas should be spent in your way, so enjoy!

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